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The Glens are located within the southern portion of the City of Ottawa urban area, within the former City of Nepean. Located between and along Merivale, Woodroffe, Prince of Wales and MacFarlane, The Glens neighbourhood have changed very little in the last few decades. A unique community that likes to preserve its rural origins, the majority of homes continue to rely on well water and septic,. The streets are narrow and lined with mature trees including many majestic pines.

Pineglen East and West  were built in the 1940’s/1950’s with distinctive architectural features following Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture, “California Contemporary” or almost Eichler-esque designs. The area has been a home to a number of architects, like Ogrodnik or Gerhard Linse whose creativity can be still seen in many local designs. Clearview and Pineglen Annex were built in 1960s and  Grenfell Glen  –  a relatively small subdivision bounded by the NCC Greenbelt and the CN rail was developed in the early 1960’s. Currently Glens are home to about 550 households.





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The community offers refuge for many birds  (cardinals, woodpeckers and wild turkeys) and other animals (including less welcomed coyotes, raccoons, deer and occasional bear).Residents are proud of their community and their way of living minutes from Parliament Hill. The community’s biodiversity is well known to researchers as the Glens park-like setting provides homes to many rare birds and small animals and a vital green space with mature trees for walking, jogging and other forms of recreation.

    There are two parks (Pineglen Park and Grenfell Park) and an active Tennis Club. The NCC pathway border community on the on the South and connects with the city’s bike path along Woodroffe Avenue. Grenfell Glen also offers direct access to Pinhey Forest. The area is also a home to the St. Monica Church, Metropolitan Bible Church and the St. Monica Elementary School. Sisters of the Holy Cross convent is located in the Pineglen West. Residents enjoy easy access to commercial facilities located along Merivale Road.

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